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Lefty’s Moving Company Local Louisiana Movers

Lefty’s Moving Services provide moving services to residents and businesses in New Orleans, LA who are in need of local or long distance moving services. Lefty’s Moving Services has the answers for you! Whether you are moving just one piece of furniture or an entire office, Lefty’s Moving Services can help save you money with ANY TYPE of move. Moving can be stressful if you do not do the proper planning ahead of time… That’s why when you hire Lefty’s Moving Services, you will be provided with a detailed moving plan to help organize and save you time and money on ALL your moving needs.  Give Lefty’s Moving Services a call today and hire the professionals for your local or long distance moving services and let Lefty’s Moving Services do ALL the work for you!

If you plan on moving in New Orleans, LA and want to save money and are in need of a reliable moving company, Lefty’s Moving Services has the solutions for all your moving needs. Lefty’s Moving Services specialize in all types of moves… From moving just one piece to moving an entire office or home, Lefty’s Moving Services can handle them all! Lefty’s Moving Services will provide you with a full size moving truck, padding to cover and protect your belongings, tools in case any furniture may need to be disassembled or reassembled, up-right dollies, four wheeled dollies, appliance dollies, and all of the proper moving equipment for your move to go as safely and sufficiently as possible. Give Lefty’s Moving Services a call today and let us show you why Lefty’s Moving Services is the CHEAPEST and most RELIABLE mover for you for ALL your moving needs!



Residential Moving

Your trusted residential movers. You pick up the phone and call Lefty’s Moving Services. Then, Lefty’s Moving Services will pick up your belongings and follow you around the country!

Long Distance Moving

If you’re someone who’s’ ever had to experience shifting from home to home growing up, then you’d know what an incredibly stressful and challenging task it is to plan out and accomplish exactly as planned.

Office Moving

Lefty’s Moving Services provide the most sufficient office and corporate relocation services throughout southeast Louisiana. Whether you are moving a single office floor or an entire office, no one will be able to compete with our level of service along with our cheap rates.

New Orleans Movers

New Orleans is considered as one of the most interesting and captivating cities in the world. It is also the home to it’s own unique touch of music, food, and culture.

Mandeville Movers

Do you plan on moving to Mandeville, LA soon? Lefty’s Moving Services has the moving solutions you need for a headache free move to take place.

Metairie Movers

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to move within Metairie or you are planning to relocate to this area all together, there are multiple things you should know about Metairie, LA.

Slidell Movers

Slidell, Louisiana is equipped with all those unique elements that you expect from a great small city.

Kenner Moving Company

Kenner ranks as the 6th largest city in the state of Louisiana. It’s also known to be the biggest city in Jefferson Parish, it’s also generally known for being the second most populous parish of Louisiana, and a New Orleans suburb.

Covington Movers

Lefty’s Moving Services provide moving services to residents and businesses in Covington, LA who are in need of local or long distance moving services. Lefty’s Moving Services has the answers for you!

Madisonville Movers

We provide professional, yet affordable moving services to the residents of Madisonville, LA. Planning on moving soon and need to hire professional movers to handle any and all moves, either coming to or from Madisonville?!

Bagton Rouge Movers

If you are relocating, whether it’s just one single person, an entire family, or even just a student being curious of what Baton Rouge can offer you as a resident, there are several things you must know before you hire a moving company like Lefty’s Moving Service.

Prairieville Movers

There are many reasons to why you may need to move in the Prairieville area. You could be moving because of your work or because your family is growing and are in need of a larger home, whatever the reason may be, Prairieville defiantly has something to offer.

Pearl River Moving Company

After you finally decide to relocate to or within Pearl River, now you are thinking about whether or not you should hire a moving company or take the hassle on yourself. You will be contemplated whether or not it will be cost efficient to hire professional movers or not.

Lefty’s Moving Services – Local Louisiana Movers

Lefty’s Moving Services provides local, as well as long distance moving services to areas on the Northshore and the Southshore both! If you’re looking for a reliable moving company to help you save money while moving your furniture without even the smallest of damages occurring, then Lefty’s Moving Services has you covered to the fullest!

Here at Lefty’s Moving Services we have well over 12 years, and growing, worth of experience in the moving industry. Our highly experienced and trained employees here at Lefty’s Moving Services know exactly what it takes to get someone moved on time, while still remaining under budget! Lefty’s Moving Services provides moving services throughout Southeast Louisiana, you will find a number of our locations that can service and all of your moving needs, whether it be for a complete full packing and moving job, or just simply having us just do the loading as well as the unloading, or heck, why not just have us do both? We can tackle the entire manual labor required and just allowing us to take care of it all, which would include both the unloading as well as letting us handle the unpacking portion of the move for you also! How nice?!

The most ideal way to go through with your plans to move is simple, just sit back, relax, and allow the professionals here at Lefty’s Moving Services to handle all of your moving needs, allowing you to be left with basically just the decorating and where you want each piece to go to. We have all of the logistic solutions anyone may need for moving, when it comes to planning, labeling, and relocating, we’ve got it all covered right down to the final last request our customers may give us!


Residential Moving

We offer full service moving options, including but not limited to, both local and residential moving if you are looking to relocate locally or just move a few items we have the services to match your entire moving needs with a price guarantee!

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You can email or call us any time for a hassle free moving estimate whether you are moving locally or long distance