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Corporate Office Relocation Services


Lefty’s Moving Services offer full service office moving for any size company large or small.

  • Lefty’s Moving Services specialize in moving heavy office equipment 
  • Lefty’s Moving Services provide full packing and unpacking of office equipment
  • Lefty’s Moving Services will guarantee your business a time frame so your business is back up and running.

If you are looking to relocate your business, give Lefty’s Moving Services a call today and let us provide you with a free estimate. Our friendly staff will help you understand the cost and time frame it will take to handle your specific type of move. 

Office Moving with Full Service Office Relocation

Lefty’s Moving Services provide the most sufficient office and corporate relocation services throughout southeast Louisiana.  Whether you are moving a single office floor or an entire office, no one will be able to compete with our level of service along with our cheap rates.

Even moving down the street can be stressful when you have to deal with all the planning that goes along with your move!  On top of that, if your moving services are poor, it becomes a stressful experience. At Lefty’s Moving Services, we pride ourselves in creating a stress-free, efficient and pleasent experience for our clients.
The key to a peaceful office or business move lies in the planning and disciplined work. Over our 35 years of working with businesses big and small, our employees have perfected the moving process. However, our services extend far beyond simple diligence.
Why hire Lefty’s Moving Services?

Impeccable Preparation
Work that has been scheduled during the move will usually have to be postponed or completed beforehand. We specify a timeline so that this becomes easier for you. This way, even in the new office, things will always be the same.
Lefty;s Moving Services assign a specific tasks to each of our employees before the move takes place, so there is no confusion while work is happening. We don’t want our guys running around looking like a chicken with it’s head cut off and not knowing what to do!! Lefty’s Moving Services  always specify our prices and need for moving supplies to our clients; and do our best to fit into your budget.
Diligent Working
Due to our flawless preparation, our staff at Lefty’s Moving Services is able to take action during the move. When movers are unprepared, employees have no idea what to do, which leads to chaos. Lefty’s Moving Services make sure this does not happen by assigning specific tasks beforehand. Our workers understand their job and work attentively and sufficiently. The packing and unpacking process is swift and well organized. Normally, you would run out of tape, or boxes, or space in the truck; but since Lefty’s Moving Service has  figured out the logistics of the move very meticulously, it plays out smoothly. Lefty’s Moving Services take pride in catering to our clients’ wants and needs. Our job is done only when our client is content and happy with our services.
Lefty’s Moving Services respond to any complications prompt and effectively, and guarantee safety, proficiency and punctuality. Our clients are always up to date on the logistics of the move. Place your trust in Lefty’s Moving Services and we will prove that our office moving services are top notch!

We will make your office moving process easy and smooth. Hire the renowned and certified office movers at Lefty’s Moving Services and relieve your stress. All office documents, databases, computers, etc. are insured and safe with us. From packing to loading, unloading to installation, Lefty’s Moving Services are the boss and we know it. Let us prove it to you! We hope to be of your service soon.