How do I start and what can I expect?

Call anytime at (504) 831-1938 to schedule your move or you can contact us and we will confirm your moving information and move date. The driver will contact you 30 minutes before your scheduled move. We also confirm moves 24 hours in advance before we dispatch a crew.

Do need to purchase my packing and materials for the move?

You can purchase your own packing materials for your move or you can recycle boxes from warehouse stores when they throw them out, saving money and materials. We also provide a Full Packing Service that comes with everything needed tailor fit to your specific move.

What happens if any of your company damages any of my items during the move?

We offer insurance on your load, not that it’s necessary because Lefty’s Mover’s team members are cautious, trained, moving specialists who know how to move all types of furniture and they receive an incentive bonus for moves that are incident free.

What payments do you except

We accept Cash, Cashier Check, Money Order, Credit Card, and Certified Checks.