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Slidell Moving Company

Lefty’s Movers provides local moving services to Slidell, LA

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Being a full-service packing and moving company, Lefty’s Moving Services are equipped to handle the entire process of moving from start to finish. Starting from packing your belongings, to loading up the moving truck, storing your belongings securely in the moving truck, to unloading, and also unpacking of your boxes, Lefty’s Moving Services can handle everything you need done and more. You can also take advantage of our routine moving service, Lefty’s Moving Services will take care of your furniture pieces as if they are our own and also disassemble and assemble any furniture that may require it. Lefty’s Moving Services takes pride in being your number one moving experts in Slidell.  Lefty’s Moving Services will work hard to relieve you of all the stress that comes with packing and moving. As your local Slidell movers, Lefty’s Moving Services know that it can get pretty hot here in Slidell, so if you are wanting to move out of state, you can count on Lefty’s Moving Services for your moves across the state or country. Lefty’s Moving Services has also undergone training for corporate moves and handling all sizes and types of commercial equipment. It doesn’t matter where you will be moving to or what you will be moving, because you can be sure that the experts at Lefty’s Moving Services of Slidell will be able to take you there safely. Lefty’s Moving Services is a team fully equipped with trained professional movers that specialize in first-class moving services and will handle all of your needs and requirements.  As your highest-quality full service moving company, you can be sure that Lefty’s Moving Services will pack, wrap, load, store, and unload your belongings with the absolute care that you would want us to do, when handling your precious belongings. So let Lefty’s Moving Services free you from all the stress and challenges that are associated with having to pack and move all your belongings. Lefty’s Moving Services is equipped with moving professionals who are very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with your belongings. Lefty’s Moving Services will treat and handle your belongings as if they are our own. Not only will Lefty’s Moving Services pack and label your items, Lefty’s Moving Services will also check your furniture pieces after they have been loaded to make sure that they will remain damage-free while on the journey to your new home or office. No move is too small or too big for Lefty’s Moving Services. Lefty’s Moving Services’ main goal is to ensure you the highest quality of packing and moving services at the cheapest price that suits your budget.

There are many reasons to why you may need to move in the Prairieville area. You could be moving because of your work or because your family is growing and are in need of a larger home, whatever the reason may be, Prairieville defiantly has something to offer.  Make sure to hire the trained professional movers at Lefty’s Moving Services for your moving needs, and they will turn a stressful event, as moving can be, into a worry free one, so you can focus on your new start in life. Prairieville is a small town in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, which is located north of Gonzales and south of Baton Rouge. The name of this town comes from what did have plentiful prairies and pastures that were visible from the Highway 73 or also known as Jefferson Highway and Airline Highway, which is now covered with developments to meet all of your personal needs, such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. It started off as a small, quiet community with only few local residents. Now, as time has passed, Prairieville benefited from the immigration out of Baton Rouge with new residents drawn to the area due to its high performing schools and very low crime rate.

Professional Prairieville Moving Company

Prairieville is also one of the areas in Louisiana that is rapidly growing. In fact, its population is larger than the biggest incorporated cities of the parish. This is why there’s no doubt that some people would choose to move in this small place. There are numerous benefits of using Lefty’s Moving Services for your moving needs, rather than going through the stressful process all on your own, put it into Lefty’s Moving Services hands and let them do ALL the work for you at a cheap and reliable price. While it might seem easy to move your belongings from one place to another, you will be surprised how fast and sufficiently Lefty’s Moving Services will get the job done for you at the CHEAPEST price in town. Once you decide to do the process on your own, you have to make everything happen yourself. This means that you need to rent a moving truck, find packing supplies, then pack your belongings by yourself, load up the moving truck, and make the hazardous and long drive by yourself. Not only will Lefty’s Moving Services take care of all this hard work for you, but also we will come in and create a plan that’s based on your needs and wants. With over 35 years of experience, you can guarantee that your move will go as smooth as possible and with no damages. We know that transporting your things yourself is not the only thing you are worried about when you are preparing to make a move. You have probably do not have the time to pack your belongings because of your new job or school that you have to attend to in Prairieville. So, the trained professional packers and movers, at Lefty’s Moving Services offers you peace of mind by handling everything with professionalism.  So, let Lefty’s Moving Services give you a hand with your packing and moving needs and experience a peace of mind that you will recommend to all your friends and family when it is their time to move.

Slidell Moving Company

Slidell, Louisiana is equipped with all those unique elements that you expect from a great small city. It has lots of festivals, amazing Louisianan food, friendly people, and great shopping. If you foresee a new start in life that begins in Slidell, LA, Lefty’s Moving Services will be more than happy to help take care of ALL your moving needs. As your cheapest and most reliable local Slidell moving company, Lefty’s Moving Services will observe your particular moving needs and come up with the best way to take on your move. Lefty’s Moving Services which perfectly combines professionalism, careful, reliable, and cheap moving services.

Lefty’s Moving Services has 35 years of professional moving experience. The residents of Slidell, now have the chance to experience the highest quality of moving services that you will not find anywhere else in the moving industry. Call Lefty’s Moving Services today at


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