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Residential Moving

Your trusted residential movers. You pick up the phone and call Lefty’s Moving Services. Then, Lefty’s Moving Services will pick up your belongings and follow you around the country!
Lefty’s Moving Services bring your most sacred possessions, including your potted plants to your cuddly teddy bears wherever you need them to go. Lefty’s Moving Services are proud to say that we are not only known for our local moving services, but also for our long distance moves, as well. Trust Lefty’s Moving Services with your trusted possessions all around the country!
Moving is stressful. Possessions go missing. Suitcases and boxes aren’t sufficient to hold certain items.

There is no tape. Hassle and hassle, turns into stress and even more stress!! With Lefty’s Moving Services, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Everything is taken care of, from packing to moving within a day. Don’t worry about having to take a day off with our residential moving services. Make an appointment for the day you have off and you will be moved within a day. No more dog barking, kids falling over, or you hurting your back by picking up something that is too heavy. Lefty’s Moving Services will take care of everything, from packing to loading, moving to unloading and even disassembling and reassembling your furniture in your new home. Hire Lefty’s Moving Services who are certified and trained professional residential movers and continue with your daily schedule. Lefty’s Moving Services are committed to moving your home as smoothly and safely as possible. Lefty’s Moving Services are unmatched in the residential packing and moving service industry.

Local Residential Moving Services

Respected and loved by are our clients, Lefty’s Moving Services are proud to say that we provide the best packing and moving services in the country. Our clients are always in the loop. Lefty’s Moving Services will update the status of the move to you every hour. Our customers always know where we are! Lefty’s Moving Services are known for their reliable and cost-efficient moving services in southern Louisiana. Lefty’s Moving Services are the best! We know it and so do our customers!
Storage Services
Storage during the move is important. Our storage professionals diligently work through your inventory. Fragile items are packed with extreme care. Lefty’s Moving Services take care of downsizing, relocating, and remodeling. Efficient packing is necessary for a safe move. Lefty’s Moving Services only employ professional packers and movers who are experts at packing all types of household belongings from your over-sized portraits of your children to your kitchen items, books, and MORE!. Homeowners trust Lefty’s Moving Services Quality Labor Certified residential packing and moving services. Lefty’s Moving Services employ staff who are not just certified movers but are experienced in packing, loading, unloading, driving, and the dis-assembly and reassembly of any furniture and equipment. No home is too big for Lefty’s Moving Services!
Long Distance Moves
Lefty’s Moving Services are trained in all aspects of moving like packing, loading, unloading, etc. This helps Lefty’s Moving Services ensure that long distance moves are made smoothly and damage free. Lefty’s Moving Services have servicemen that can take up another person’s job whenever necessary! They are trained in EVERY aspect of the moving process from start to finish. Your move will never be stuck in transit. Just schedule Lefty’s Moving Services in advance and let Lefty’s Moving Services take care of the rest!
Residential Movers for Seniors
Lefty’s Moving Services know moving to a new home is very stressful for senior residents. Let Lefty’s Moving Services take care of you like we would take care of our own. Lefty’s Moving Services understand that for many seniors, their home is a sanctuary of memories and most have been in them for 30 years and sometimes MORE!. Our movers at Lefty’s Moving Services will assist with ANY TYPE of move – small, large, local, or even long-distance. Lefty’s Moving Services have senior movers, who have been with us for 5 years or better. They are sufficient with helping senior residents move into new houses, residential homes, or their new community. Lefty’s Moving Services are happy to help you in anyway we can to make the move as less overwhelming and time consuming as possible. Lefty;s Moving Services are renowned senior packers and movers known for the care and attention we provide during the move. Lefty’s Moving Services have got your back! Lefty’s Moving Services have got you covered in EVERY aspect of packing and moving. Lefty’s Moving Services assist in all sorts of moves – long distance, local, residential and senior moves. Let Lefty’s Moving Services pack while you relax. Lefty’s Moving Services provide certified and experienced residential moving services with utmost care and courtesy. All your belongings are counted and saved in our database. Lefty’s Moving Services provide updates on the distance covered whenever required. Lefty’s Moving Services will assist you every step of the way and take the stress out of the move! Call Lefty’s Moving Services at your earliest convenience!! Lefty’s Moving Service offer a 5% Senior discount to all senior movers 60 and older and also a 5% discount for active military.